Krajská hygienická stanice Moravskoslezského kraje se sídlem v Ostravě


The execution of the state administration and state health inspection is carried out in the sphere of the protection of the healthy living and working conditions and in the prevention of spreading of infections and of disease with mass occurrence, health hazards in connection with the work performed, occurrence of diseases related to upbringing and education and of other significant health disorders in children and juveniles until their being 18.years of age, in the following:

  • In the facilities of primary and secondary education, pre-school and school facilities included in the network of pre-school facilities, schools and educational facilities,
  • In the social educational facilities (children’s homes, social care facilities),
  • In facilities for children requiring intermediate help,
  • In health facilities (nurseries and infants’ institutes),
  • In public catering facilities for children and juveniles,
  • Meeting the conditions for organizing recreational campaigns – being organized stays of 20 and more children or juveniles for the period longer than 4 days (camps, summer schools – being of events the purpose of which lies in health strengthening, increase in fitness or obtaining specific knowledge or skills),
  • Of observing hygiene requirements related to outside playing areas,
  • Of observing hygiene requirements of execution of epidemiologically serious activities in catering services of the above-mentioned facilities.

It represents the corresponding administrative authority for issuing statements related to:

  • proposals of project documentation in connection with the above-mentioned constructions,
  • motions to commence of the occupancy permit procedure,
  • change of use of the construction.

Other activities of the Department:

  • Evaluating the severity level of the load put on children and juveniles being exposed to hazard factors of the living and working conditions and the way of life – controlling the decision-making process with the aim of lowering health hazards,
  • Inspecting and controlling the local government’s programs of protection and support of children’s and juveniles’ health conditions,
  • Cooperating with administrative authorities and bodies in the process of making the health policy focused on children and juveniles.