Krajská hygienická stanice Moravskoslezského kraje se sídlem v Ostravě


The Department has activities in prevention, based on professional job descriptions of individual Departments when issuing statements of project documentations, alterations in use, temporary occupancy permits within the testing operation and approval of premises to be regularly occupied, and this with the constructions of the following:

  • Industrial complexes,
  • Business premises of small natural persons,
  • Non-food shops,
  • Dental laboratories,
  • Above ground structures- when issuing permits by the Building Authorities and Railways Management Authorities,
  • Mining – in the proceedings with the Mining Office,
  • Metallurgical industry,
  • Chemical, coke-producing and pharmaceutical industries, plastic processing, galvanic production plants, incineration plants, paint and varnish productions.

Other preventive activities are as follows:

  • Assessment of operations with the non-ionizing radiation sources including lasers,
  • Assessment of hazards in application of grouting and spraying compounds and of technical liquids in mining,
  • Issuing of statements on operational rules of facilities based on the Waste Management Act,
  • Issuing of statements on facility safety documentation (pursuant to the Act. No.353/1999 Coll.),
  • Issuing of statement on special protective Disinfection, Disinsectization and Rodent Control /DDD/ execution in use of toxic and highly toxic agents (pursuant to the Act No.187/1998 Coll.),
  • Issuing permits of special protective DDD for the purposes of the Trade Act,
  • Issuing of certificates of professional competence regarding the special protective DDD.

The state health inspections is carried out in the form of:

  • Inspections of workplaces of the above-mentioned facilities,
  • Issuing decisions on works’ ranking into categories,
  • Verifying conditions of origin of occupational diseases based on requirements coming from clinics and hospital wards of occupational diseases.

The Department provides consultancy in the sphere of ventilation, heating and air-conditioning and lighting.