Krajská hygienická stanice Moravskoslezského kraje se sídlem v Ostravě


This division provides for a complex development activity in the areas of economics and operation, and is responsible for respecting of the financial and budget rules and for all binding limits. It works out the economic rules and laws for the specific conditions of the Regional Public Health Authority and is responsible for the observance of the salaries and wages law and of the rules relating to salaries and wages.

Activities of the financial plan and investment budget section:

  • drawing up of the investment plan, execution of the investor activities
  • monitoring and coordinating steady exploitation of the budget, and giving opinions to all proposals for providing of the unplanned tasks from the point of view of the possibility of their financing
  • working out of the a semiannual and annual analyses of the KHS financial resources management

Activities of the accounting section:

  • bookkeeping according to the relevant regulations
  • bookkeeping of the FKSP account according to the effective rules
  • carrying of money transfers to banks and other contacts with banks and administrative organs
  • taking out the penalty cheques from the appropriate Financial Office and keeping them on file

Activities of the wage section:

  • performing complete wage administrative, including working out of the prescribed statements
  • calculations of the health insurance benefits, and calculations and delivery of the health and social insurance premiums
  • delivery of the income taxes, including working out of the prescribed statements
  • keeping file cards of the pension insurance
  • administration of the business trip agenda and pay out of the costs of business trips

Activities of the economic-administrative section:

  • management, protection, maintenance and stocktaking of the property
  • working out of the plan of the repairs of the property of KHS and of the plan of the economic-technical backup, contracting of appropriate contracts and follow-up of their fulfillment, issuing purchase orders according to the demands of KHS and keeping them on file, takeover of the deliveries, organizing of the circulation of invoices and keeping them on file
  • follow-up of the consumption of energies, checking the relevant invoices
  • purchase of the consumption materials needed by KHS
  • organizing of safeguarding of the objects
  • providing for the fire protection and for the work safety in the objects of KHS, including arrangement of inspections of electric and gas devices - in coordination with the fire protection technician and with the safety commission
  • keeping records related to the utilization and demands of the car transportation section, follow-up of the fuels consumption
  • arrangement of cleaning of the rooms
  • arrangement of the work catering for the employees
  • providing of the employees by protective equipment according to the approved list
  • arrangement of the operation of the telephone exchange