Krajská hygienická stanice Moravskoslezského kraje se sídlem v Ostravě


Within preventive activities, the Department carries out the following:

  • Participating in regional plan formation for both development areas and for regional aggregates,
  • Assessing documentation related to the application for a planning permission procedure of all constructions regarding the impact on the environment,
  • Assessing projects referring to construction of buildings for accommodation, sport and recreation, facilities for the body care (barber’s, hairdresser’s, cosmetics saloon, manicure, tattoo saloons, etc.),
  • Assessing public drinking water provision, drinking water preparing plants, water supply technologies, products in contact with drinking water,
  • Assessing projects of external swimming pools, swimming baths, remedial baths,
  • Dealing with noise problem solution in extra- work environment,
  • Assessing projects of cultural facilities (theatres, cinemas, houses of culture),
  • Assessing common car parks, garages and other services for the public,
  • Approving operational rules of swimming pools, saunas and services of with epidemiologic weight,
  • Dealing with funeral services.

Within executing the state health inspection, the Department monitors the following:

  • Drinking water quality in any public drinking water supply, including meeting the water supply and small water source (wells) operators’ duties in connection with the public water supply,
  • Operating conditions of swimming pools, swimming baths and saunas, including monitoring of the water quality,
  • Facilities with the execution of activities dealing with potential epidemiological impact (cosmetics, massages, barber’s and hairdresser’s, pedicure, solaria, etc.),
  • Meeting hygiene requirements set by the operational rules in accommodating facilities.

It deals with complaints, and in the solution thereof it cooperates with other authorities of the state administration- of the following:

  • Noise in the extra-work environment (from producing plants, traffic, musical productions, etc.), including carrying out control measurements,
  • Living conditions (mould, offensive smell),
  • Waste depositing, air quality and other complaints regarding the municipal sphere.