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The Regional Public Health Authority of Moravian-Silesian Region based in Ostrava (RPHA) is a body of public health and is directly subordinate to the Ministry of Health.

The main tasks include assessment and management of health risks in terms of prevention of negative influence of population health status and participation in monitoring of the relationship between the environment and living and working conditions. Another area is the cooperation with the administrative authorities and local authorities on the development of health policy and participation on the tasks of the integrated rescue system. RPHA is also a training centre for the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ostrava; organizes conferences and workshops; publishes results in professional journals, provides information for public, publishes annuals and newsletters and is a member of the Crisis Staff and regional commissions.

RPHA executes national health surveillance, which is focused on the following areas:

  • Observing of an anti-epidemical regime, prevention of the origin and the spread of nosocomial infections in health care and social care facilities
  • standards of school canteens, children camps and outdoor schools
  • inspects of epidemiologically significant services and accommodation facilities, facilities and buildings intended for swimming or saunas (joined mostly with taking water samples), supervision of public drinking water suppliers, noise audit and noise measuring with regard to residential area
  • controls of workers exposed to hazardous work (work categorization), provision of labour-medical services
  • controls of public catering facilities (both cooking and non-cooking – bars, pubs, gaming rooms)
  • inspections of manufacturers, importers and distributors of products coming into contact with food (food contact materials and products, toys, cosmetics and products for children up to age 3 years)
    • RPHA is a member of many workgroups along with other institutions, Integrated Rescue System, municipalities and cooperates on many projects and studies. One of the workgroups is, for example, the High Level Infectious workgroup, directly coordinated by the RPHA. The main task is to ensure the implementation of the Czech government regulations on the specific conditions of the Moravian-Silesian Region. RPHA also monitors the occurrence of resistant and multi-resistant strains in healthcare facilities.

      RPHA organizes conferences, seminars, workshops, lectures, cooperates with universities and other school facilities, participates in all major educational professional events and meetings, participates in open-air events with their mobile interactive educational tent. RPHA's biggest event is Silesian days of preventive medicine – international conference focused on current health topics. RPHA also has a publishing activity, citizens can see annuals, newsletters, posters, articles in professional journals, powerpoint lectures, promotional materials and others.

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