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The Regional Public Health Authority of Moravian-Silesian Region (RPHA) deals and works with wide quantity of health data, monitors selected health indicators and sets out various recommendations for public and institutions. Among the monitored health indicators are life expectancy at birth, standardized mortality, malignant neoplasms of respiratory system, neonatal mortality rate, allergic diseases, acute respiratory diseases, live born with congenital malformation and others. Interpretation of individual health indicators is complex due to multifactorial causes. Health status of a person living in the Moravian-Silesian Region (MS Region) is affected by many factors, e.g. living and working conditions due to high proportion of heavy industry (coal mines, iron works, coking plants), social-economic factors, psycho-social stress and lifestyle, genetic disposition and health care.

The life expectancy at birth in the MS Region is lower in both men and women compared to the Czech Republic and is constantly growing since 2004. For men, the values of 74,2 years are in the MS Region, 75,8 in the Czech Republic, as for women, 80,9 years in the MS Region and 81,4 in the Czech Republic. The development of standardized mortality in the MS Region shows a decrease, in men is higher compared to the Czech Republic, in women the situation si comparable. In the case of circulatory diseases and neoplasms, the development is positive, it has been steadily declining since 2003. In the case of respiratory diseases, the values in men in the MS Region are higher than in the Czech Republic (influence of mining and heavy industry), in the women population, the situation is comparable with the Czech Republic in 2015. In terms of causes of death, the situation is similar in both men and women compared to the Czech Republic – circulatory diseases (47%), neoplasms (23%) and respiratory diseases (6%). Allergic diseases are diagnosed in 1/3 of children, the most common diseases are allergic rhinitis, asthma and atopic eczema. Acute respiratory diseases, including flu, are among the diseases with serious health and economic consequences. Their agents causes epidemics that affect the whole territory. The incidence of lung cancer in the MS Region in men shows a significant decline in the long-term, with women having a gradual increase in the incidence of this type of illness since 2002.

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