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One of the main tasks of The Regional Public Health Authority of Moravian-Silesian Region (RPHA) is the protection of public health from an environmental noise. Specifically, the noise generated by persons or entrepreneurs to which is public exposed in the so-called protected areas. It may be a noise e.g. from the traffic on roads and highways, noise from railways or air transport, wind-power plants, industrial facilities, various dining facilities, noise from public performance of indoor music or noise from many types of technology, especially of air conditioning equipment. A recent phenomenon is the noise from heat pumps. The protected areas include residential buildings, hospital facilities and educational facilities. RPHA also assesses the placement of protected objects in the area. The noise prevention projects to protect health are carried out as well as assessment of projects in the EIA process or project documentations and an accredited noise measurement within the national health surveillance.

There have been major changes in noise legislation in recent years that has affected (increased) the number of projects assessed by RPHA workers and also changed the nature of noise assessment. RPHA now assesses not only the location of noise sources to the environment but also the location of protected objects with regard to the surrounding noise sources. RPHA has issued almost 2,500 obligatory opinions on project documentation in 2016. There were applied also requirements and in many cases disagreements were issued. The main sources of noise include roads or large industrial enterprises. Citizens often send complaints about bars, discos or air-conditioning, which RPHA solves.

For more information please contact Mgr. Jan Beneš, phone number: +420 595 138 123.



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