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Protection of public health also consists in a surveillance of a working environment of the population within the prevention and surveillance operations. The monitored factors include vibration, dust, noise, non-ionizing wave radiation or lasers. One of the objectives of environment protection is to ensure sufficiency of fresh air, a suitable amount of light and the right temperature. The Regional Public Health Authority of Moravian-Silesian Region (RPHA) sees to establish specific conditions for the implementation of special protective disinfection, insect and rodent control by hazardous chemicals or highly toxic agents. Based on the risk level the jobs are divided into several categories. An important aspect of surveillance is dealing with occupational diseases and health risk assessment. RPHA also deals with the complaints of citizens to unsuitable working conditions.

RPHA has issued almost 2,500 obligatory opinions on project documentation in 2016. Projects mainly concern industrial buildings, focused on extending the operations, increasing capacity, upgrading technology, greening etc. A very important part is the automotive industry and the downstream industry. In the last few years we can see the increasing share of employees at risk: between 2007-2006, growth from 80000 to 100000 employees, of which women make up a quarter. In the Moravian-Silesian Region there is a high proportion of occupational diseases, 36,8 % from the whole Czech Republic (rise from 20 % in the last decade). In particular, 1035 committed occupational diseases in the Czech Republic in 2015, of which 381 are in the Moravian-Silesian Region. The hygienist has an important role in the process of assessing occupational diseases, examines the working conditions of the employee and evaluates the context of the diagnosed disease.

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