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In the case of the occurrence of an infectious disease The Regional Public Health Authority of Moravian-Silesian Region (RPHA) takes measures to prevent transmission to others. RPHA takes surveillance of infectious disease and collects data on the incidence of communicable diseases. Data are evaluated, analysed and information on trends and incidence of infectious diseases are provided. RPHA is responsible for outbreak investigation in our region, risk assessment (contact tracing, isolation, quarantine, disinfection, desinsection), risk management and data collection. RPHA organizes children’s obligatory immunization due to specialized programme. Subsequently observes the coverage of children‘s vaccination and persons who are subject to special vaccination. RPHA assesses healthcare associated infections. RPHA also collects data of the occurrence of antimicrobial resistance and determines with HCW epidemiological measures in the event of multiresistant strains.

In 2016, 16208 infectious diseases were reported in the Moravian-Silesian Region, of which 7360 (45.4%) were acute diarrheal diseases and 553 parasitic diseases. In the same year there were 32 outbreaks of food-borne infections, 6 of them were outbreaks caused by virus strain in pre-school facilities, children's summer camp, retirement homes and bedside health facilities. RPHA staff also investigated 5 outbreaks of salmonellosis and 1 of campylobacteriosis. In those outbreaks were exposed 4381 people and 1000 inhabitants got sick. RPHA professionals are involved in the prevention of the emergence and spread of infectious diseases, in the form of cooperation with general practitioners, pediatricians and the integrated rescue system (firemen, ambulance, police). Airborne infections include incidence of varicella (relative occurrence 449,1 per 100 000 inhabitants in 2016), mumps (33,5 per 100 000 inhabitants in 2016), whooping cough (2,6 per 100 000 inhabitants in 2016).

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