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The Regional Public Health Authority of Moravian-Silesian Region (RPHA) examines the causes and spread of foodborne diseases in all types of food operations from the production to distribution of foods on the market, takes of samples food and products coming into contact with food to verify their safety. Investigates complaints regarding the hygiene of the supervised facilities. Conducts investigations of health problems after consuming food or health problems associated with the use of products coming into contact with food. Verifies the presence of unsafe food or suspected products on the region territory. RPHA tests mushroom knowledge, knowledge of persons engaged in the production and distribution of foods and cosmetics on the market, and organizes workshops for entrepreneurs in the dining and catering.

In 2016 over 70 % of food service facilities were inspected by RPHA staff. The number of inspections was almost 2000. Controls are comprehensive, covering all activities in the preparation, production and distribution of meals. Controlled areas include personal hygiene, operational hygiene, storage of raw materials, expiration date, compliance with the smoking ban, allergens labelling and other. Measures and sanctions are imposed when the shortcomings are detected, which include suspension of the activity, immediate closure of the facility, sanitation regulations, disposal of food and more. RPHA employees investigated a total of 169 complaints in food premises in 2016. Also 918 inspections of establishments dealing with the production, sale or import of items of common use (i.e. toys, cosmetics, food contact materials) were made in 2016. In 2012 the methanol case was a major problem in the Czech Republic, which affected the Moravian-Silesian Region and most of the cases were associated with the Moravian-Silesian Region. RPHA organized control activities to verify the presence of suspect spirits on the market.

For more information please contact Ing. Roman Letošník, phone number: +420 595 138 133.



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